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Sounds of Sanford

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Audio CD
Packaging: Slim Jewel Case with cover image
Jets - Dragsters - Hot Rods
Recorded at the Drag Races, Sanford, Maine

Featuring Walt Arfon's Green Monster Jet - SRC Dragster - 99 Jr. Racing Team = 1320 Engineering Special - Miller Racing Team Special - Disisit Special - #2 Son Atomic Engineering Special - Bluebird Special - Ali Baba II - Pink Hog - Tappets, and many others.
It didn't matter what size the drag strip was. It didn't matter whether it was an old airport landing strip or not. What mattered was that a man by the name of Walt Arfons wanted to mount an aircraft jet engine on a drag racing chassis. What mattered was the hair raising on your arms and the constant pounding on your body as the engine built up the rpm's that would propel Walt through the light beams that would give us all the e.t.'s and miles per hour of another breath-taking run.

Just when the overflow crowd felt that peak of excitement, a bystander is heard to yell "Wow..." and all h--- breaks loose and through the timers went the Green Monster in a little over 4 seconds and well over 200 miles per hour.

In the early sixties, those times and that speed was exceptional and I was privileged to have been there. My rewards continued when Walt informed me later that copies of the recordings made at Sanford were played for the Directors of the Good Year Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, that board agreed to sponsor Arfons' Land Speed Records attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats, just outside Wendover, Utah.

Like Arfons, every drag racer in that era, earned their spurs through an unbelieveable desire to create a better, faster and safer vehicle. We salute all the categories in every event. They paved the way to the Super Drag Strips of today. And those experiments brought out speeds of over 300 miles per hour and e.t.'s so low as not to be believed. Think about it - in just 1320 feet.

Notes by Richard I. Blake
Founder and Director of Recording
Fleetwood Recording Company
©1962-1974 Lynn, Massachusetts