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Rebel 300

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MAY 10-11,1963

Without going into a diatribe on how this race is run, it should be noted that historically the race goes back to European roots. If you're a true racing follower, then the name Monza, Italy must ring a bell. The big exception is that Monza has never seen the likes of a stock car as we know them. What you have here is not one race of 300 miles, but two races of 150 miles each. Known as Little Reb, the first race's running start positions were determined by positions earned in time trials. After taking the checkered flag in the first 150 miles, the leader and following cars would take a mandatory pit stop of 30 minutes. Whatever repairs were needed, were made without penalty. An aerial bomb would signal a return to racing (the second Little Reb 150 miles). The standing start of the second race was in the order of finish of the first 150. Once the green flag was waved the race was run like any other Grand National. The winner, in this race, the late Joe Weatherly of Norfolk, Virgina, was determined by having the farthest distance and fastest speed in the combined 2 Little Rebs. Today, Darlington, as do all the super speedways of NASCAR, enjoy record setting crowds each year. Fleetwood is proud to be a part of this growth and will continue to support the progressive work of all racing organizations.


Notes by Richard I. Blake
Founder and Director of Recording
Fleetwood Records
1962-1974 Fleetwood Multimedia Inc.