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Daytona 500

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Audio CD
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500 Mile NASCAR Grand National Race, Daytona Beach
Today we know the Daytona 500 to be the premier race on the NASCAR calendar. Daytona Beach, Florida really comes alive for that February event. If you have never traveled to that Kingdom of Speed, you and your family should plan to do it someday. The uniqueness of the NASCAR fan is an unabashed joy for life in the fast lane of stock car racing. Also known warmly as "The Good Old Boys," NASCAR is to its fans what the Red Sox are to their Boston fans (throughout their nation).

The sounds on these re-mastered CD's of the sixties events, reflect a unique corps of individuals all looking for the same Holy Grail, to be the fastest, with the best setup vehicle, running on tires of superior holding characteristics and knowing when to make every important pit stop.

We mentioned pioneers of the sport in other releases, and of course it is reflected with this Daytona 500. Does the word Petty come to mind?? Of course it does. Lee and his equally famous son, Richard have long been tops in their trade. Not many could forget the blue #43 belonging to Richard. Many a trip to the winner's circle it did make, including this one from 1964. That day, a crowd of over 85,000 fans jammed into the facility. Today, the crowds have almost tripled and the sport continues to gather fans every week of the year. Name a trademark you know and you'll probably find it on one of the competitive cars... to name a few: Home Depot, Budweiser, Lowes, UPS, U.S. Army, Navy, Dupont (and yes, even Geico)!

We are proud to preserve some of racing's pioneer moments for your enjoyment. You don't need music to enjoy the music of RPM'S

Notes by Richard I. Blake
Founder and Director of Recording
Fleetwood Records
1962-1974 Fleetwood LLC