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Bakersfield 63

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What did this Bostonian do after the 1963 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California?? What else?? I stayed over and traveled up to Bakersfield for the Smokers Inc., and their early March 5th Annual Fuel & Gas Championships. The Famosa Drag Strip is home to this event.

Many of the heavyweights were there: "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Connie Kalitta, Chris Karamesines, Hayden Proffitt, Don Pruhomme, Art Malone, Tom McEwen, and Hell's Angels. Hell's Angels?? Oh yah, I forgot, as I was driving the road (entrance area of the strip), there was their chow wagon on the side of the road and inside the strip, on the bleachers at the timing light area, a very large group of interesting Americana? Hurry along Richard and set up those microphones and get ready for some great drag racing (and I did just that)!

You will hear sounds from Record Runs, Hot Cars, Factory Experimentals, Stock Car Eliminations and Final Round Eliminations with Top Fuel and Gas Eliminators. You will hear the sounds of Top fuel that went to Art Malone at 183.80 mph, with an e.t. of 8.33

When you look at the numbers today, you now see the speeds over 300 mph and e.t.'s of under 5 seconds in the quarter mile. Any wonder that the world of drag racing has such a large fan base.

We hope you enjoy these sounds of a historic era in auto racing... the Sixties.

Notes by Richard I. Blake
Founder and Director of Recording
Fleetwood Records
©1962-1974 Fleetwood Multimedia Inc.