Great Moments from the INDY 500

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Great Moments from the INDY 500

Audio CD
Packaging: Slim Jewel Case with cover image
2 Discs Included
Year: 1974

Narrated by Sid Collins

Great Moments from the INDY 500. Hear the Excitement, the Drama, the Interviews from Racing's greatest event, from 1911 to 1974. A fascinating collection of rare "500" history from 1911-1974. The late Sid Collins, former Voice of the 500, narrates a historical look at the races from 1911-1941, and a more detailed revisiting of the races from 1946-1974. Each of the post WWII races feature a few, if not several minutes of actual audio from the Mutual Radio Network or the I.M.S. Radio Network. The entire recording is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. This recording was originally released on record, 8-Track, and cassette.