Rise of the Rangers - 1969-70

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Rise of the Rangers - 1969-70
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Play-by-Play excitement of the 1969-70 season.

Rise of the Rangers, 1970, 50:44
1970 NY Rangers Hockey Team

Three and a half euphoric months n first place, capped by one of the most fantastic finishes in sports history, told the dramatic story of the 1969-70 New York Rangers. The wild excitement of that final, improbable week-end – when goals were a dime a dozen – was a fitting climax to the season that may well be a springboard to the Rangers’ first Stanley Cup in over 30 years. Long known for their extraordinary zeal and their vocal powers, Ranger fans are a special breed. They dig hockey’s special excitement … the searing speed … the frenzied offence … the bullet-like shots … the courage of the goalies … the panorama of color … the haunting “click, click, click” of skates on ice. But thee is more, much more to the Ranger story For the past several seasons – the era of Emile Francis – the Rangers have been staging a dramatic climb in National Hockey League circles. It ha been “the rise of the Rangers”, and the Broadway Blues are the only NHL team to qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs the past four years in a row. Some will tell you that the peppery Francis, as general manager, coach, and chief architect of the Rangers’ revival, is on the verge of building a hockey dynasty in New York.

Injuries eventually knocked the 1969-70 Rangers out of first place and the playoffs after a brutal six-game Stanley Cup series with the Boston Bruins. The 1969-70 season was indeed a special one. Who could forget the cries of “We’re number one” as the Rangers rolled over jut about everyone during November, December, and January? Or the sheer ecstasy of that final regular-season afternoon against Detroit? Nine Ranger goals hit the net that day. It was fantastic. Then came the agonizing wait while Chicago played Montreal at night. The Hawks romped, 10-2, and the Rangers made the playoffs by scoring two more goals than the Canadiens during the regular season. That never happened before in the NHL history. Not in over half a century. All the sounds and drama of Ranger hockey over the past few seasons are captured here. You’ll hear the Rangers themselves talk of their success … Relive other past thrills … Boom Boom Geoffrion’s first Ranger goal in Madison Square Garden … playoff excitement against Montreal and Chicago. It’s all here for you to relive and to enjoy over again … it’s the rise of the Rangers